Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tinikling: Day 1

Friday was my first lesson on tinikling and I thought I did a pretty good job. There is always room for improvement but for teaching something that I had just learned about I thought I did good. I felt like I was rushing at some points because I wanted to make sure that I fit everything into the time that I was given. I thought my voice was loud and that I gave good instructions. I also challenged the students and worked on giving more feedback then I did in the ultimate frisbee lesson. Overall, for my first day I was happy with what I did and I am going to try to do even better next time.

Mini Conference

The Fall 2008 Mini Conference was very interesting. I like how we began the conference and got it started. I went to a few of the seminars and I thought that they were all very informative and helpful. I found the Polar seminar to be the most interesting because of how much you can do with the equipment. If I was teaching right now, I would definitely try my best to fit some of the equipment into the budget. It will definitely help everyone. I also went to the Hi and Low Tech PE which showed a new way of exercising while playing video games. I thought that was cool. Overall, I thought the Mini Conference was a great experience and I learned a lot.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Feedback Analysis

After listening to my MP3, I realized that I have to work on the quality of my feedback. I did give feedback but it was either general or incongruent. I either just said "good job" or something to the entire class rather than to one specific person. I just gave feedback to five students so next time my goal is to get to at least half of the class and include their names as well.