Thursday, November 13, 2008

Explorer Scavenger Hunt

The Explorer Scavenger Hunt was a very creative idea that got us out of the classroom and learning about the different parts of campus. I liked how DJ and Freddie incorporated history into the lesson and made each group represent a different explorer. I was in a group with Emily, Michelle and Brandon and we represented Ponce de leon. I also liked how each group had to make their own flag. It brought out everyones creativity. Another thing I liked was how Freddie dressed up and acted the part along with using the explorer's language.
My favorite activity was the racquetball courts. We didn't get to do the singing at poolside but I know other students in my class said that they enjoyed that one as well.
I feel that I can take a lot from this activity. I thought that it was very creative and incorporated a whole history lesson. I feel that this can be done with any subject. If I was teaching the lesson I would probably have the students still send me the picture of them at each site but instead of sending them clues via cell phone I would give everyone a piece of paper with all of them on it in a specific order. I felt that they should of had both cell phones going rather then just one considering their were five different groups all waiting for clues.
I think this lesson should only be done with a class that you know is well behaved and listens to directions. Although I liked this activity, I would not recommend doing it with all classes. I would definitely do it in a space where I could see all of my students and where they wouldn't be disrupting other classes.
I could definitely see myself doing a lesson of this type but I don't know if I would do it in the same manner.
Yes, I believe that interdisciplinary teaching is effective and beneficial to the student. If the student is studying Explorers in history class then doing an activity like this one will only reinforce what was learned. I think it will be very helpful to the student.
Overall, I liked the lesson. As I said before, it was very creative and I liked how we used heart rate monitors. The activity was fun and I would want to do something like this again. This activity kept me decently active because it seemed as if we were running from park to the field house to the stadium to the tennis courts. We were running from one side of park to the other. Our clues were spaced out so for the majority of the time we were active. My step count was 1728 and my heart rate was in the target zone when we were running from one side of park to the other.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Tinikling: Day 2

This time during Tinikling, I focused on keeping the students in beat with the music. First, I had them sit in a circle and review the cues for both the strikers and dancers with no music and then I had them do it again to the beat of the music. I had the class split into two groups, one group was the strikers and the others were the dancers. Once they got the beat down, I had them stand up and try it with the music. After Emily did her lesson, I went again and added in the bands. I just had the strikers hold them with their hands rather than put them around their ankles. I had them do it without the music and then I added the music in at the end to see how they would do. I liked how they were all in groups because it gave me the chance to go around to each group and give them all feedback. I felt that this was the easiest way to make sure that a I to see everyone or at least most of the class try out the dance.

I noticed that I gave a lot more feedback this time then the last. However, after writing my transcript I realized I do have to work on my fillers.

Here is an example of Tinikling:

and a copy of my lesson plan!