Sunday, November 9, 2008

Tinikling: Day 2

This time during Tinikling, I focused on keeping the students in beat with the music. First, I had them sit in a circle and review the cues for both the strikers and dancers with no music and then I had them do it again to the beat of the music. I had the class split into two groups, one group was the strikers and the others were the dancers. Once they got the beat down, I had them stand up and try it with the music. After Emily did her lesson, I went again and added in the bands. I just had the strikers hold them with their hands rather than put them around their ankles. I had them do it without the music and then I added the music in at the end to see how they would do. I liked how they were all in groups because it gave me the chance to go around to each group and give them all feedback. I felt that this was the easiest way to make sure that a I to see everyone or at least most of the class try out the dance.

I noticed that I gave a lot more feedback this time then the last. However, after writing my transcript I realized I do have to work on my fillers.

Here is an example of Tinikling:

and a copy of my lesson plan!

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