Wednesday, December 10, 2008

CAST Experience

Throughout this semester, Emily and I were Cortland Adapted Swim Team Coaches (CAST). We were placed with a student and we worked with them one on one in the pool each week. I had the opportunity to work with several different children over the course of the semester. They were Devin, David and Derek. Devin was a very experienced swimmer and did not need much help. He just needed someone their to tell him to slow down and drink water. David was the child that I spent most of my time with. He was new to swimming and was scared that he was going to drown. Therefore, I always had to be in the pool with him. I started him out slow by letting him use a kick board and a fun noodle to keep him a float. Once he became more confident I started to take some of the props away until he could finally swim on his own. I started him out by just swimming about a quarter of the length of the pool, then to half and finally the full length of the pool. When David didn't come, I worked with Derek who has gone through several surgeries and has a few different disabilities. I really enjoyed working with him. He has an odd way of swimming but he gets to the other end and he gets there quick. Overall, this experience has been very worthwhile. It definitely helped me grow as a teacher and I learned to have more patience. If I find the time next semester, this is something that I would love to do again.

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