Monday, December 1, 2008

Fitness Warball

Lab D was an interesting experience. For this lab we had to incorporate technology so I decided to teach a game called Fitness Warball. I focused on the cues for throwing, catching and most importantly teamwork. The lesson itself turned out to be very good. Everyone looked like they had fun. I still have a lot to work on. I tend to use a lot of filler words such as um, alright and okay. It's hard not to say those words but it is definitely something that I need to work on. I also tend to stutter sometimes because I talk to fast. It's just a bad habit that I can't break. If I slow down what I say I think it will be better for my students to understand as well as myself because I can think before I say something. Another thing that I could work on is that when I am teaching older students I have to realize that most of them can already throw and catch and I shouldn't spend so much time going over the cues for those topics. I could have just quickly reviewed the cues and went right into the game.

At that age, most students just want to play. They don't want to hear the teacher talk about something that they already know how to do. At the end of the lesson, I tested the students on the cues for both throwing and catching that I went over in the beginning of the class. I told them that I expected them to get at least a 7 out of 10 on the quiz. Since I was short on time I started going over the quiz before I collected it which is something that I would not normally do. One of my students hurt their hand during the game so they couldn't write so I had to write down their answers for them.
What I thought was going to be the longest fifteen minutes of my life turned out to go by very quickly. In fact it went by so fast that I forgot to say and do things that I kept telling myself not to forget. I forgot to give a signal for attention and I should of explained the safety statement more instead of going into so much details for the cues.
From the first time I taught in this class I have saw such an improvement. I feel more confident and comfortable when I am teaching and I'm loving every minute of it. This class has definitely helped me get on my way to becoming a better teacher.

Also if you would like to look at my transcript or time coding, here they are. Here you can see the students in action and playing Fitness Warball.

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Stephen Yang said...

Nicely said and great video!
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